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„While up there I shall forget no-one“

Adjunct Eduard Müller to his sister Lisbeth

Hamburg, 10th of November, 1943

My dear, dear Lisbeth,

Now the time has come. Within a few hours I shall have come to the end of my life’s path. The Lord over Life and Death, Christ my King, will call me home to himself. You shall have these my last lines from this earth. What else could I still tell you, now when I am about to front before His tribunal. Do not forget me in your prayers, because I shall have to account also for those who I had in my care. Once again, and for the last time, I greet you from deep in my priestly heart. My good wishes also to your fellow sisters. As well, I would ask you to give my regards to your dear siblings and relatives and write to all of them that it is my dearest wish to meet all of them again in Heaven. While up there I shall forget no-one, and do not forget me either. May all of them find their way back to the Saviour. And now, my dear sister Lisbeth, farewell. Soon the Saviour shall come to me once more in the form of bread, and thereafter I shall be allowed, so I hope, to see Him face to face. – As a small memento of your priest-brother I have bequeathed you my rosary, which has been my constant, trusty companion during my one-and-a-half year long imprisonment. And now we want to walk this, for our human nature difficult, path. And that will be the end of suffering and disgrace, of fights and struggles. Lisbeth, farewell! We’ll meet again in Heaven. My last words are:” To Christ, our King, everlasting faithfulness!” – I greet you one last time in Christ’s love”.

Your priest-brother Eduard

In this very moment i recieve your letter of October 24th. Now, this one is the last one. Adieu in Christ.