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for WebFish Internet Award

Our website about the Lübeck Martyrs has been nominated for a special prize. The WebFish Internet Award. This award has been established for well-presented information, layout, technique and interactivity with other Christian websites.

WebfishThe Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Germany has offered this Internet-prize for the sixteenth time. The trophy is given to the best on-line offerings which translate the Christian faith in an up-to-date and creative fashion. In February of 2012 the jury decided on and nominated ten Internet contenders in a preliminary poll. Via on-line ballot anyone can vote for his/her favourite from the 15th of February until the 14th of March and decide who should win the WebFish 2012.

If you think that you too like, we ask for your vote! You may cast your vote on-line on this page or use the button on the right. We shall be happy for each vote.

What makes us unique: Content


Big: Wide-ranging information about the Lübeck Martyrs

Colourful: Contributions by more than 65 authors offer a diverse picture

Ecumenical: Both prominent faiths contributed texts and speak out.

International: Contributions from Austria, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile

Relevant: We try to represent the story relative to today

Informative: A total of over 160 pages are available

Multi-medial: Numerous Video- and Audio contributions supplement the texts

Multi-lingual: Important domains translated into English and Spanish (51 resp. 35 pages)

Interactive: Breaking news on our Facebook page (175 items)

Scheduled: The event database always shows the latest events

Up-to-date: Subscribed RSS-Feeds keep you up-to-date with the latest

Reaching target groups: Students and contemporaries, newcomers and historians…

Off-line: The Download Facility offers numerous brochures etc for downloading

Participating: Contributions to the site are welcome and will find their place

What makes us unique: Layout

Modern: The layout is clear and modern, appropriate for the theme, yet not gloomy

Integrative: The website shows an optical representation of its printed form

Pictorial: Numerous pictures and a picture gallery supplement the texts

Trim: With just two levels navigation is easy and intuitively executable

Well-arranged: The places of remembrance are visualised on a map of Germany

Communicative: We can be reached easily via e-mail and contact form


What makes us unique: Technics

Practical: Implementation based on Lynet Content Manager

Valid: The website was validated as CSS2.1 resp. XHML 1.0

Low-barrier: We envisaged already at the planning stage a barrier-free configuration

Browser-compatible: The website is accessible for many browsers without problems

Open-source: We use map resources from an open source project, Open Street Map

Data-secure: We have switched off all logfiles and do not store data

Social: The Social Tool Links on each page make it easy to recommend a page

Direct: Clear search results lead directly to the search subject


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