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Visit of Pastor Stellbrink at Corpus Christi

Waltraut Kienitz about Corpus Christi on 12 June 1941

Waltraut Kienitz is the youngest daughter of Karl Friedrich Stellbrink and Hildegard Stellbrink. In the movie “Resistance in Christ’s spirit” by Jürgen Hobrecht she relates of the feast Corpus Christi of 1941:

“I have remembered an uttering of my father’s him coming home one day and me saying: “Where have you been?” “I was at mass today” him replying. It was on a Thursday. I said: “Mass? In which church was mass today?” – “Well, there is a church in Lübeck in which there was a big service today.” That was on the feast Corpus Christi.”

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English Translation: Ulrich Frey



On 12 June 1941 was catholic feast Corpus Christi. It was also celebrated in Lübeck's Herz-Jesu-Church. Pastor Stellbrink took part and was impressed by the crowded and solemnly decorated church.