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Chronicles of the process

March 2004

  • Over 60 years after the death of the Lübeck Martyrs Hamburg's Archbishop Dr. Werner Thissen initiated the process of beatification of the three Catholic chaplains.

May 2004

  • May the 10th, 2004, roman lawyer Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, an expert in beatification matters, is nominated as process' attorney.

November 2004

  • The process starts November 2004 by petitioning officially and by adjuration of the court. In the same month, the first session of the diocesan process of beatification takes place in Hamburg: Witnesses are questioned, the written records of the chaplains are scanned. The material should shed light on the theological orientation and their moral conduct. But what is cruidicial are the circumstances of their prosecution and conviction. Is has to be prooved that the three chaplains died for their faith. The process last just under one year.

November 2005

  • The first part of the process ist closed. During a service at the day of death of the Lübeck Martyrs, November the 10th 2005, Archbishop Dr. Werner Thissen hands over the document folders to roman lawyer Dr. Andrea Ambrosi. The attorney appears for the process in the Vatican. The "Dossier Lübeck Martyrs" contains 2110 pages. Now, the second part of the process starts under the rule of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome.

October 2009

  • Good news from Rome: The Relator general, who prepares the case files, consided the documents to be sufficient. His statement is forwardet to the Congregation's menbers. There are no objections expected in the Theological Commission who has to judge now.

May 2010

  • Mai 2010, the last but one step impends. The Plenaria, i.e. the Genaral Assembly  of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, is voting on the case of the Lübeck chaplains positively.

August 2010

  • The Pope confirms the case. The date of the ceremony of beatification ist scheduled on June 2011.

June 2011

  • The celebration of the beatification takes part at Parade Street in Lübeck.
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