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In the news area we provide breaking news and information for journalists. For a timetable please read the German website.


Candles in church shop „K-Punkt“

Candles with the Lübeck Martyrs logo are now available in church shop „K-Punkt“ in Lübeck, Parade 4. The white candles measure 6 x 16 cm with printed red image cost 5 Euro including a lovely paper bag. The proceedings will go to the beatification festivity.


Laying of the cornerstone in Linz

September 2011 in Austrian Linz a kindergarten will be dedicated, which ist build by St. Peter's parish in common with the City of Linz. The kindergarten's cornerstone is made from Lübeck „baltic marble“. An information sign will hint to the Lübeck Martyrs. Their legacy is a „hopeful indication für Ecumenism, overcoming of denominational barriers and a charge for all people to demonstrate bravery and courage in everyday life.“ A parish delegation will recieve the cornerstone in Lübeck in January.



Short information in leaflet

FlyerSince 2010 we offer a leaflet containing information about the four Lübeck Martyrs, issued by the Archdiocese of Hamburg in common with the Northelbian Evangelic Lutheran Church. The leaflet is available in German and English language so far, a Spanish and a Swedish translation are coming soon. You can order the flyer „They witnessed the truth“ at the Front office Lübeck Martyrs, Phone +49451/709 87-65 or Fax +49451/709 87-66 or e-mail