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Bishop Berning to Hermann Lange

Letter of 5 March 1943

To Mr. Vicar Lange Reverend at Lübeck, Lauerhof, men’s prison.

Dear Mr. Lange!

I assume you to have received my letter from December 3th. Since then several month again have passed without an alteration of your situation. I guess you have to bide for a decision for your future with patience and faith in God. I pray with my clergy a lot for you to be outwardly as well as inwardly strong to bear all the upcoming in Christ's spirit. On Ash Wednesday the whole clerics of  my diocese will have an hour of prayer for the great desires of our time. During it we will also think of all our brothers in Christ who started to experience severe suffering. Unite with us under Christ's cross in Lent in order to go the passion way of your life in the spirit of sacrifice and making up for of the Saviour. In the breviary and the rosary you have aids of spiritual power and supernatural solace. In concordance with Paul I call at you: “Be exhilarated in hope, patient in melancholy, continuous in prayer.” For the ones who love God, all things turn out best.

In cruce salus.

Greetings and heartfelt blessings

Your most devoted
Bishop of Osnabrück
[signed] Berning

Osnabrück, March the 5th of 1943

English Translation: Ulrich Frey