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Portraits of the Lübeck Martyrs

The four chaplains could not be more different regarding origin, character and affection. In Lübeck, they came together, lived and worked and after all were arrested. Learn more about the four.

Karl Friedrich Stellbrink

Lutheran Pastor Karl Friedrich Stellbrink was older than the Catholic chaplains, served as a soldier in World War I and spent nine years as a pastor for a German parish in Brazil. After some time as a party member of the NSDAP he distanced himself from the Nazis and gained allies in resistance against the tyranny in the Catholic chaplains.

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Johannes Prassek

Born in Hamburg-Barmbek, Johannes Prassek was an engaged and passionate preacher and a charismatic minister. He learned the Polish language to take pastoral care for the Polish forced labourers, which was strictly forbidden. The Secred State Police never found out anything about this.

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Hermann Lange

Hermann Lange, who originated from solid middle class, was a well read man. When he was a teenager he joined the Catholic Bund Neudeutschland (a Catholic youth organization) and sympathised with the ecclesial renewal movement motivated by Romano Guardini. He convinced as a well educated and challenging preacher.

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Eduard Müller

Eduard Müller came from a humble home. After an apprenticeship as a cabinet-maker he became a priest. In the Lübeck parish he was appreciated especially by the youth. He converted a coal cellar into a meeting room for the youth, which is today the crypt.

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