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“Reunion in happiness and joy”

Eduard Müller, 27th of June, 1943

“Therefore I have the expectation and the hope, that none of me shall be spoiled, but that Christ will be glorified through my body, be it in life, be it through death. Because for me life is Christ and dying the prize”. (Phil. 1:20–21) 

[...] It has always been my intention: To form and build Christ in you! We will bear the upcoming as entire heroes, for our life will not be taken but transformed, and then we will reunify in happiness and joy. But all of you: Hold Christ in front of your eyes, carry Him in your hearts. Stay in loyalty and love to Him and His holy church! No commitment shall be too high, it is all about the crown of victory of eternal happiness with Christ. Ich have to finish sadly. Read very slowly 2Tim. 4:1–8!


Eduard Müller


Chaplain Eduard Müller writes to Franz von de Berg (Lübeck) in a letter from 27th of june, 1943, Sunday after the proclamation of sentence inter alia the adjacent lines.