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“Cause for rejoycing”

Johannes Prassek in a letter

For a long time now, I have not lived so calmly and blissfully as now. And now less than ever, slept so peacefully, although the electric light is on all night. How good is God to take away all fear and gives me joy and longing. [...] But do you entreat on my behalf sometimes? I do not know, it is true, if I may, but I cannot believe that I shall have to wait a long time on the other side, before I can go to Him. When He said to the criminal on the cross: Today you shall be with me! – Whilst that one only asked with one word, why then should I not also be allowed to be with Him? But that we don’t know. And therefore pray for me sometimes, too! [...] Well, and now: Farewell my child! Until we meet again in our Home! Until then all for His glory! The good, but also the dark and difficult. All is grace, and therefore cause for rejoicing!
Johannes Prassek


Johannes Prassek wrote these lines in a  booklet for a parishioner.