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„What is waiting for me is joy and good fortune“

Chaplain Johannes Prassek to his family

Hamburg, 10th of November, 1943

Dear ones!

Tonight, this day, the time has come when I will be allowed to die. I am so happy, I can hardly explain, how happy. God is so good to have given me several beautiful years in which to be his priest. And it is this end, prepared for knowingly and with calm determination, which will be the most beautiful of all.

What I am about to ask of you, above all on this earth, is this: Do not be sad! What is waiting for me is joy and good fortune, with which all the happiness and good fortune here on earth cannot compare. It because of this that you too should be happy. My death is not your loss; I could hardly have served you better in my role as a priest. What I could do for you, namely that I prayed for you daily, I shall be able to do all the better from now on. What my big worry about you is, you know, it is the same as for Paul. Because of this, my worry, you must understand what I have at times written to you. May I therefore beg you to forgive me, if I had hurt you at times by writing about it. There were no bad intentions.

And thanks for bearing the concern and toil you have had because of me during my life. I shall endeavour to repay you from Heaven. I wonder what it will be like? Farewell, I greet you all once more with heartfelt love and gratitude.

Your Hans

Regards once more to all acquaintances: Pastor Alves, the Sisters in Rahlstedt, the Webers, Gerdines, Cordes, Heiwings, my Pastor in Lübeck, the sisters there, and especially the bishop, and thank him in my name for everything, especially for ordaining me a priest. I have not experienced anything greater or more beautiful on this earth, and now the greatest joy is about to come, God, the everlasting love.

I bless you one last time. With my belongings I have dealt in my will. Let it rest there.


English Translation: Hans-Heinrich Boeker, Wyoming, Australia

Farewell letter